Hello world!

Hello everyone! Welcome to my very first blog: Coevolution. I’m learning as I go, so hopefully it won’t be too bumpy in the beginning.

About two weeks ago, I arrived in New Delhi. I’m very fortunate to be here for about one year, during which time I can completely devote myself to the kind of writing I most value. In other words, I hope to write stories that show how the world is always more complicated than we might assume.

My general topic will be how science and medicine engage each other across the cultural and political borders between the United States and India. How are they sharing new concepts and research methods? And how are they applying the results based on the realities of each country? To avoid several of my pet peeves about how India is portrayed in the media, this blog will not be about tradition versus modernity. If you ever catch me giving simplistic explanations, where the U.S. is handing down cutting-edge technology to India, while India offers up the wisdom of the ages…well…please start a roaring discussion to alert me to my short-sightedness. Both countries are active participants in the science and medical communities.

I would love to start off with an astute observation of my time hear thus far, but so far it’s all been about finding an apartment, registering with the local cops, and buying sheets and towels. I’ve made a few contacts in public health and molecular biology that will hopefully be very useful, but I don’t want to reveal too much yet.

Tomorrow I’ll start rounding up stories from the local papers, so that you can see what I’ve been reading.



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