You’re it!

I’ve been tagged by my friend (okay, husband!) James on his blog 113thStreet. I have to tell you folks 7 things about myself…So this gives me the chance to make what’s been primarily a “work blog” into something a little more personal.

Here goes:

1) I love to knit. I’ve made sweaters, a purse, a tank top, hats, scarves, and a belt. Sadly, though, I’ve been hiatus since my arrival to India. Anyone know any good yarn stores in Delhi?

2) My Mandarin name is Gao Ailing, which means “most lovely one.”

3) I used to be named Gao Kai, until my second-year Chinese teacher in college realized that my first teacher, who was quite elderly and kind of eccentric, had given me a popular boy’s name. She corrected that one fast!

4) One day I’d like to write a novel, perhaps based on something to do with bioethics, frozen embryos, and family. You might ask, why is she not writing it now, when she has all this spare time? Beats me.

5) I sometimes think of going back to school to get a PhD in the medical humanities. But this is unlikely, since I really like writing and reading more than I enjoy analyzing other people’s work in an academic setting. So, I get my fill by reviewing fiction and non-fiction for the Bellevue Literary Review.

6) My favorite albums at the moment are Bitter Tea (by The Fiery Furnaces) and Night Ripper (by Girl Talk).

7) I’m really good with electrical tape. I can get that stuff perfectly straight, tight, and smooth. Not an air bubble or wrinkle. At my old job in Boston, at Tufts University, I got to tape plastic lids on the ends of cylinders that we used for developing 3-D gels. The cylinders were filled with radioactive milk, and if you didn’t tape oh-so-carefully, you’d wind up with a gross, dangerous mess. I was also a “world-class pipetter” according to my former boss, an accomplishment that involved lots of eye squinting and perfecting my hand’s center of gravity. Any ideas on how to use these skills in normal life?

I now tag Alex and Luke.


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