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I am a medical writer and editor based in Atlanta, GA. Since 2008, I’ve worked for the Cardiovascular Research Foundation (CRF), a nonprofit organization that focuses on interventional cardiovascular medicine (ie, using catheters instead of knives to treat patients with diseased hearts and blood vessels). CRF does a lot of different things, from organizing conferences to providing logistical support to large clinical trials, but my main role is to inform cardiologists about the latest practice-changing results in their field via the news website TCTMD.

I spend my days talking with researchers and clinicians about what they love to do and how to do it even better. Most of the time, I work out of my office, collaborating with our team of journalists in New York, New Jersey, and Canada. Several times a year, I’m asked to provide real-time coverage of research as it’s being released at medical meetings in Europe and the United States. Watching firsthand how doctors receive the news has shaped the stories I write.

This blog is meant to be a forum for discussing medical journalism, and trade journalism in particular. I want to delve into how an outsider can begin to understand a jargon-filled, complex world. I’d like to hear from other journalists, too, especially those like myself who never imagined that they’d end up writing about such a specialized topic.


ps: In a previous incarnation, this website related to my year as a freelance journalist in New Delhi, India. I’ll keep those outdated posts on here just for laughs. Enjoy!



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  1. Hey Caitlin, I didn’t know you had a blog! How did I not know this?? 🙂

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