Writing & Resume

You can find my latest resume here. And follow me @TCTMD_Caitlin.

These are some of my favorite clips:

Valve, Health Thyself: Pioneers Seek Tissue-Engineered Fix for Faulty, Failing Cardiac Parts (TCTMD)

Living or Leaving: Does Palliative Care Deserve a Place at the TAVR Table? (TCTMD)

TCT Daily 2016: Sunday issue

Grumbling Over Bundling: Cardiologists React Warily to Plans for Lump-Sum Payments for Cardiac Care (TCTMD)

Heart Sounds podcast: August 2016 (TCTMD)

Innovations in Digestive Health (UH Case Medical Center)

Micro Health Insurance (Christian Science Monitor)

Cervical Cancer Vaccine (Down to Earth)

Profile of Virander Chauhan (Georgia Magazine)

Subway Injuries (NYU Research)

Pediatric Bowel Disease (NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital Children’s Health)

Stem Cells (MAMM)

Prions (NYU Physician)

Nesiritide (Pharmacy Practice News)

Natural History

Vitamin K (Tufts Nutrition)


2 thoughts on “Writing & Resume

  1. Hi Caitlin,

    It was interesting reading some of your writing and the themes that you’re trying to pursue. I went to NYU for Econ in grad school and am now based in Delhi, having been to college here before.

    I was wondering if you’ve looked at the issues surrounding vaccines, their development and their use in developing countries such as India. This is very relevant to economics that might fall under your writing interests that is complicated in poor countries because of the start tradeoffs with equity of access. Something that is a national scandal in India is the resurgence of polio recently, that has been done away with in the rest of the world.



  2. Hi Ashok,

    This is an embarrassingly delayed reply, but I’m just reading your message again and am surprised at how themes have come together. Right now, I’m volunteering for Down To Earth magazine here in Delhi and have been working on an article about the HPV vaccines’ (possible) introduction to India. When the article’s in print, I’ll post more info. But you’re right, the situation is incredibly complicated. My first impression, I suppose because of my background in biology, is to be impressed at just how effective these HPV vaccines actually are. The more I learned about how they would be implemented in India, however, the more skeptical I’ve become.

    More soon!

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